Verschaffen Sie Ihrer Notfallrettung einen Vorteil

SOS-Info-Box: all the important information for (your) rescuers

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More and more people have an emergency and vaccination record, medication plan, living will, etc. at home.   

However, it is usually impossible for rescuers to find out where this emergency data is stored in the home.

The solution is in the fridge.
Your emergency data goes into the SOS-Info-Box and is placed in the fridge door. Now they have a fixed location and can beeasilyfound
inevery household!





Once the rescuers have arrived at your home and see the "SOS-Info-Box" sticker on the inside of your front door and refrigerator, the SOS-Info-Box can be removed from your refrigerator door immediately and important and emergency-relevant information is immediately available.

Not everyone is able to provide information about their state of health and other important details in an emergency situation.

It is also possible to forget to describe an important detail in such a stressful situation - not to mention fainting or unconsciousness.

The information in the SOS-Info-Box is also a great help for relatives, friends and acquaintances. They are also under stress in an emergency situation and sometimes react very differently.



The SOS-Info-Box is a set and consists of:
1 SOS-Info-Box
1 SOS emergency information sheet
2 SOS information stickers


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The SOS-Info-Box = informed in an emergency

  • no electronics that go on strike or are 'hacked'
  • no batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • with the SOS-Info-Box in the fridge door, your rescuers can reliably find your data
  • if an "update" is necessary, you can enter it yourself with a ballpoint pen.
  • A practical accessory is the original
  • Preventive care at a low price - you too can join in.